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Aboriginal Shield Program

The Aboriginal Shields program is a twelve lesson program for grades 5/6 and 7/8. Students use a five step decision making model to make healthy choices.

Aboriginal Shields decision making model: D-Determine the situation
R- Remember you have choices
U- Understand the consequences
M- Make a decision

The Aboriginal Shield program will continue until the end of June in Virden and Birdtail schools. The Virden School is running a pilot program for grades 9-12 and so far the students have been very interactive and enjoy the lesson plans. Birdtail Sioux School is for grades 5/6 and 7/8 and so far has been a success.

The Aboriginal Shields Program is a very effective tool for Aboriginal communities when implemented not only with other community projects, organizations and health care workers, but in partnership with their local detachment. The local detachment can participate in the program by presenting some of the learning material on topics such as drugs, alcohol and Canadian laws.