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As the CEO for Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council, I had the honor and privilege of facilitating a long term Strategic Planning process of the Dakota Ojibway Police Service in the summer of 2009.

The long term vision of the Dakota Ojibway Police Service is to be proactive in providing the highest standard of policing service to the Communities it serves; through accountability and transparency with respect to cultures, beliefs, traditions and history of DOTC First Nations people.

In keeping with this vision, DOPS is expected to provide a quality sustainable Policing Program that is responsive to First Nations Communities serviced by the Dakota Ojibway Police Service and to position itself to becoming the "police service of choice" to Manitoba First Nations Communities seeking policing alternatives.

Currently, DOPS is actively pursuing the expansion to include all the Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council communities and to establish "best practices" in management and greater accountability. Invitations have been made to include Long Plain, Dakota Plains, Dakota Tipi, Waywayseecappo, and Swan Lake First Nation into the Police Service.

DOPS also provides operational support to improve service to the communities, enforcement capability and officer safety, while ensuring that the Dakota Ojibway Police Service employs the best officers and staff available with skills and knowledge levels appropriate for service delivery in each community.

The goals of enhancing Crime Prevention initiatives and school resources/community involvement and addressing infrastructure requirements are also priorities for the Dakota Ojibway Police Service.

To meet the expectations of the communities it serves, DOPS hopes to establish new positions - Crime Prevention/School Resource Officer; one position for each Division (Eastern & Western). This is to increase school resource function and capacity. Dakota Ojibway Police Service researched, developed and established a Youth Corp Program to be piloted at Sioux Valley Dakota Community.

DOPS hopes to strengthen its presence within DOTC Communities by taking active measures towards long term reduction in crime through crime prevention, establishing a positive relationship between the members of the Police Service and the youth of the communities and establishing successful alternative justice programs, DOPS also supports local committee initiatives such as Local Police Committees to be supported and chaired by the Police Commission and to be a part of the communities' resources and participate in other activities.

Another expectation from the First Nation Communities of DOTC is a long-term, equitable multi-year sustainable Policing Agreement and Funding arrangement.

The strategic plan for DOPS also includes the engagement of the DOTC Council of Chiefs in a consultation process to establish fixed terms for Police Commission members, the re-establishment of Local Police Boards, training for Police Commission and Local Police Boards and ensuring the budget is adequate to support the Police Commission and Local Police Boards. The Police Service continually looks for ways to improve communication both internally and externally to DOTC Communities.

Staffing and recruitment is also an on-going challenge to DOPS. In keeping with the expectations from the communities, there is a need to develop a Recruitment Policy to target First Nations candidates and to collaborate with First Nations communities to fund candidates. DOPS has established a partnership with Assiniboine Community College in training of recruits and continues its commitment to the Brandon Police Service Recruit Phase B Recruit training to increase the numbers of suitable and qualified First Nations Officers delivering policing in First Nation Communities.

To address infrastructure and housing needs, DOPS is exploring residency options for members of the force in order to ensure optimum response time and the meeting of the community needs and to ensure adequate detachment facilities to provide a healthy work environment. It is expected that with more members residing within or reasonably close to their assigned communities, DOPS community presence will be enhanced.

Measures have also been taken to ensure all DOPS buildings meet the required standards/building codes as set out within the guidelines to meet the policing needs and to ensure, where feasible, the Detachment holding facilities/cells are operational and meet regulations.

Robert Daniels
Chief Executive Officer
Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council

Robert Daniels
Chief Executive Officer

A Message from th Chief Executive Officer
Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council