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DOPS Eagle Staff

In 2016, the DOPS Eagle Staff has been carried through many communities over the summer, supporting and being supported by the Pow Wow trail and many dancers and drummers. DOPS thanks the Eagle Staff carriers for their support and the many blessings received for our Eagle Staff. DOPS Eagle Staff on the Pow Wow Trail:

The Eagle Staff was made with actual lanyards that the Officers wear on their uniforms. (Yellow-Senior Officer, White - Constable, Red - Officers Tunic wear) The colours used are from the colours of DOPS: Black, White, Brown, Yellow and Red. The Eagle Staff also has the DOPS Officers uniform patch and logo insignia, as well as, actual ribbon that is used on DOPS Officer uniforms.

The Eagle Staff represents our “DOPS Family”, as our Eagle Staff is one way to support the cultural and traditions of the communities we serve, while sharing blessings and keeping communities safe for everyone.

We look forward to the upcoming travels with the many Pow Wows and with the Crime Prevention Team. The Crime Prevention team will also have the Eagle Staff on their travels to communities, during their community visits and trade show exhibits.

The making of the DOPS Eagle Staff

Pow Wow Trail (with Elder Norman Mousseau) June 17 - 19 in Lake Manitoba First Nation, July 1 - 3 at Swan Lake First Nation, July 9 - 10 in Skownan First Nation, July 22 - 24 at Pine Creek First Nation, July 23 - 24 at Rolling River First Nation, Aug. 2 - 4 at Fisher River Cree Nation, Aug. 6 at O-Chak- Ki-Sipi First Nation, Aug. 7 at Brokenhead Ojibway Nation , Aug. 12 - 14 at Opaskwayak Cree Nation, Aug. 16 - 18 at Sapotaweyak Cree Nation, Aug. 19 - 21 at Ebb and Flow 20th Annual Traditional Pow Wow, Aug. 26 - 28 at Sandy Bay FN 37th Annual Traditional Pow Wow, Aug. 30 & 31 at Treaty 1 - 11 Traditional Gathering - Call for Eagle Staffs (Cst. Jordan Starr), Sept. 2 - 5 at O-Bah-Shing Red Lake Nation, MN Pow Wow, Sept. 10 at Opikihiwawin Traditional Pow Wow, and Sept. 16 - 18 at Long Plain First Nation (Cst. Billy-Jack West). The Eagle staff remains at Headquarters when not on the Pow Wow trail, but you may see it during the Crime Prevention community visits. 2017 Visits continue.